August 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On August 8, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: We had an update on #1 and #2 member cases.

II: Update on plans for the fall. Shift toward cross-organization and open call event for building Campus Coalition.

  1. An invite has been drafted by Joe. We have organizations/organizers to contact. (UFAS/AFT/TAA).
  2. Date set for first: September 19th @5:00 pm on the Terrace.

III: Plan to move old “Notes” from Facebook page to an “Archive” page on the website, and begin “archive” of back posts.

IV: New topic “Job Title Review” to keep tabs on. The review excludes “Tenure Track” positions, and thus includes non-TT instructional staff, and all other academic staff. We note that this is the first of its kind in several decades, and that the previous such review was carried out under the auspices of pay equity, increasing the possibility for diversity hires, and other issues of equity.

IV: Move to reconvene for monthly meeting in September. Date set: September 5th 2:45 pm on the top floor of the university club.

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