December 2017: Executive Board Minutes

WUU E-Board Minutes: December 14, 2017

I: Notes from “Union Summit” front.:

AAUP Meeting.

Ongoing discussion regarding Act 59. The trend to treat faculty as “hourly,” severely inhibits their ability to: conduct research, provide advising and instruction, engage with publication and service for the academic community and broader public.

TAA has won a 13% raise for the following calendar year. Congratulations to them on amazing organizing work.

PROFS contact.

AFSCME: Reclassification & Representation issues. 30 Days’ Notice Clause.

II: Members’ cases




III: Policy News

  • The RP Tax Bill has passed but did not include the provisions directly negatively impacting graduate students and those with student loans. A mediated success.
  • UW System consolidation. Many two-year schools are consolidating and cutting positions.
  • Program closures are also present at Superior.
  • University Housing and dining policy to create a mandatory minimum expenditure of $1,400 per semester for college students.

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