March 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On March 14, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: Spring Symposium:

  1. Rescheduling was discussed (To avoid Passover on April 10 and 11)
  2. Potential schedule conflicts discussed
  3. Speakers list was amended
  4. Time for the symposium set

II: Elections

Potential officers and recruiting of potential officers.

III: Members meeting planning

Subject and location

IV: Point of clarification on WUU’s status

Which organizations are 501c3 vs. 501c5? (Sourcing: IRS website)

  • Restrictions on 501c3 status
  1. Regulation is that they may not be in favor of campaign activity for or against candidates
  2. Lobbying is possible, but restricted
  3. No individual shareholder may profit, such as in private interests, must be public
  4. Contributions are tax exempt
  • Benefits to WUU’s 501c5 status
  1. Dues are tax exempt (contributions aren’t)
  2. Can lobby in support of workers’ rights
  3. Lobbying may not be the primary activity
  4. If there is a financial contribution toward lobbying efforts, membership should be notified

V: Member’s case update #1

VI: WUU Archives:

  1. WUU’s ask to store notes at the University Archives was accepted

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