October 2017: Executive Board Minutes

I: Approval of Sept. Mins for Website

II: Members’ cases

#1; #2; #3

III: WUU Beer On US/Union summit: Meeting between UFAS and WUU seems to have been productive. We want to explicitly aim for contact with TAA leadership. Potentially, we are looking for a sort of UFAS/WUU/AAUP/PROFS summit, possibly to include TAA & AFSCME.

IV: New Business

Campus policy on the freedom of expression and hiring of chancellors. Concerns have been expressed from student groups in particular regarding changes in the “freedom of expression” policies. Some positive language (protecting individual students from harassment by speakers, for example), but concerns over the language of protest. Concerns over the language of chancellors’ hiring policies are related to the intended results.

Reaching out to AAUP & ACLU to check up on these policies.

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