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Join Us! Public Symposium on Community & Police Relations: October 5th



Sponsored by: Wisconsin University Union

Join Us for a public symposium:

Relations between Community & Police

Relations between Community and Police is a symposium sponsored by the Wisconsin University Union (WUU). As WUU stands for equity in the work place and our work place is a public university, the issue of Community-Police relations impacts us all. Locally and nationally there have been serious questions raised around Community-Police relations in past years. In this symposium our speakers directly address those questions, as well as proposed solutions to improve community-police relations



Alix Shabaaz – Community Organizer and Freedom Fighter at Freedom Inc.

Michael Davis – MA Student Department of African American Studies, PhD Student in the School of Education & Community Organizer at Freedom Inc.

Ajani Carr – Youth Activist & Community Organizer

David C. Couper – Retired Madison Police Chief, Activist, Clergy, Poet


Pyle Center Rooms #325 & #326

702 Langdon St. Madison, WI 53706



October 5th, 2016 – 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM



Sponsored by: Wisconsin University Union

Budget Cuts Affect UW System’s Functioning


When budget cuts are imposed on public universities, everyone suffers. Students, faculty, and staff are directly and indirectly impacted in countless ways: more courses for each faculty member to instruct each semester, increased class sizes, lack of access to required courses which may delay graduation, and layoffs are among the tangible impacts of cuts to the UW system. See more of the impacts and risks created by cuts to the UW System schools here: CampusBudgetUpdate