August 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On August 8, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: We had an update on #1 and #2 member cases.

II: Update on plans for the fall. Shift toward cross-organization and open call event for building Campus Coalition.

  1. An invite has been drafted by Joe. We have organizations/organizers to contact. (UFAS/AFT/TAA).
  2. Date set for first: September 19th @5:00 pm on the Terrace.

III: Plan to move old “Notes” from Facebook page to an “Archive” page on the website, and begin “archive” of back posts.

IV: New topic “Job Title Review” to keep tabs on. The review excludes “Tenure Track” positions, and thus includes non-TT instructional staff, and all other academic staff. We note that this is the first of its kind in several decades, and that the previous such review was carried out under the auspices of pay equity, increasing the possibility for diversity hires, and other issues of equity.

IV: Move to reconvene for monthly meeting in September. Date set: September 5th 2:45 pm on the top floor of the university club.

April 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On April 4, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: Symposium Prep: Finished & Ran. Report following.

II: WUU Members Meeting Prep: 5 pm to 7 pm, April 28, Location is Memorial Union Terrace, Inside Festival Room if it rains.

  1. E-Board will engage in personal organizing to reach out to individual members
  2. Agenda/Proposals for what to do for the following year
  3. Leadership question/Elections
  4. What shall we do with the dues situation?
    1. Shall we continue to collect dues?
    2. Are there certain issues (for example “Financial Matters”) that we should restrict voting for? To dues paying members?
    3. Are there certain issues (for example topics for symposiums, members interests) that we might allow “non-dues paying members” to vote on?
  • What shape should WUU take for the coming year?
    1. Symposia?
    2. Training?
    3. Outreach?
    4. Work with local groups?

III: Details for Election (May 5): Worked into plan for Member’s meeting.

IV: Update on Confidential Members’ cases

  1. Case #1
  2. Case #2

March 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On March 14, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: Spring Symposium:

  1. Rescheduling was discussed (To avoid Passover on April 10 and 11)
  2. Potential schedule conflicts discussed
  3. Speakers list was amended
  4. Time for the symposium set

II: Elections

Potential officers and recruiting of potential officers.

III: Members meeting planning

Subject and location

IV: Point of clarification on WUU’s status

Which organizations are 501c3 vs. 501c5? (Sourcing: IRS website)

  • Restrictions on 501c3 status
  1. Regulation is that they may not be in favor of campaign activity for or against candidates
  2. Lobbying is possible, but restricted
  3. No individual shareholder may profit, such as in private interests, must be public
  4. Contributions are tax exempt
  • Benefits to WUU’s 501c5 status
  1. Dues are tax exempt (contributions aren’t)
  2. Can lobby in support of workers’ rights
  3. Lobbying may not be the primary activity
  4. If there is a financial contribution toward lobbying efforts, membership should be notified

V: Member’s case update #1

VI: WUU Archives:

  1. WUU’s ask to store notes at the University Archives was accepted

February 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On February 7, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: Compensation Symposium planning – Discussed speakers, times, co-sponsors.

II: Member Meeting planning – Discussed time, location, subject material.

III: Election planning – Discussed potential officers for upcoming elections.

IV: Strategic planning session planning –

Goal?  What is the purpose of the organization? What are our strengths, How do the        following advance our objectives? Regular events and what should they be, expand               membership, create alliances with UFAS, PROFS and AAUP, how to get feedback from        members about what should we do and nonmembers what would we do to get them to be       members?

V: Report on case before WUU – #1

VI: New Business

Concerns were raised about the Faculty Assistants Pay Scale = TA but at a lower** pay rate. – 9 mo only $29,945, Sr. $34,316. Chemistry department advertising faculty assistants with TA but cannot be a student.

NB.: We are not sure how much percentage Faculty Assistants make. Are they .50FTE or .75FTE or 1.00 FTE? We should be aware the pay rate listed for TA’s online is very misleading. For TA’s we need to divide the number listed ($32,392 minimum per annum) by 9 months, and then again by the percentage of the employment to find out the actual pre-tax rate. For example: while the online salary may lead you to think that TA’s make $3,599 pre-tax per month, the real pay is approximately $1799 minimum pre-tax/month for 50%, $1199 for 33%.

We found a recent comparable position for a Faculty Associate in School of Journalism (.50 FTE, base rate of $37,135/year). The position requires an MA degree, and non-student status, but compensation would be $1548/month pre-tax. In effect, this would confirm our intuition that we should be very wary about these “replacement positions” starting to appear. For point of reference, as a TA-Senior with a .50 FTE, one can expect about $1,500 after tax (closer to $1,900 pre-tax).

January 2017: Executive Board Minutes

On January 17, 2017 the WUU Executive Board met at our customary location at the University Club. The following issues were discussed.:

I: Time Set for Meetings for the spring: First Tuesdays @ 3:30 pm

II: Elections will need to be held for the E Board: Friday April 28, 2017 Deadline for election voting

III: Outreach/Coordination

  • Increase coordination with AFT staff
  • Twitter has about 10 active members; 40 on email list; about 80 on attendees list; Ideally regular messages should go out to email lists directing traffic toward website/FB (Building membership)
  • Coordinate with UFAS, PROFS, AAUP re: symposium plans
  • The goal of coordinated action is to: build membership & increase presence at events held by the legislature around the state, putting more direct pressure on the capital.

IV: Events to Organize:

  • Spring Open Membership Meeting:
    1. Membership Recruitment & Dues
  • WUU Spring Symposium: “How do we feed a cold weather drought?”
  1. Proposed Date
  2. Situation & Purpose
  3. Potential Speakers
  4. Discussion points

V: Website/Facebook Releases

Join WUU for our Spring 2017 Symposium:


Pyle Center Room # 209

702 Langdon St. Madison, WI 53706


April 5th, 2017 – 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Frozen in Place is a symposium organized by the Wisconsin University Union (WUU), University Faculty and Academic Staff (UFAS) the local American Association of University Professors (AAUP). The Board of Regents, Human Resources, Faculty and Staff have all recognized the problem. The University of Wisconsin has been told that there will not be funding to support raises to account for increased cost of living, merit or critical compensation funds for the coming year. The legislature has, however, delineated a given amount of money that will be available for selected raise increases. The question is, how do we distribute these funds in the most beneficial fashion to build UW programs?


Michael Moscicke (Interim President AAUP)

Mara Matovich (Associated Students of Madison)

John Wiley (Former Chancellor [2001-2008])

Anna Paretskaya (UFAS, Lecturer in the Department of Sociology)

Jambul Akkaziev (UFAS, Faculty Assistant for English as a Second Language Programs)


Academic Petition in Support of Immigrants & International Collaboration

In response to the Executive Order released last week that directs, among many problematic measures, a 90-day suspension of immigration of nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen; a stay on the order was issued by Judge Connelly in New York. A victory for the local ACLU. Here is the text of that document.

The stay is a short term victory. The Executive Order includes many other threats, much questionable language, and academics across the country have responded to these threats with a petition. Here is the press release for that petition. Please read the press release for the complete stance on the petition.

More than 6,000 academics signed in the first 24 hours after the order was issued. More than 42,000 have signed total. At least 30,000 are US Faculty Members. Other signatories include post-doctoral scholars, doctoral candidates, masters students and non-US scholars. Here is the home page for the petition.

Wide circulation is highly encouraged. To sign, send an email, preferably from a .edu address, to:

The *subject line* of the email should include your: name, award/distinction, title, affiliation.

Image: “IIE delegation in Tehran, Iran” – with credit to IHE, 8/18/2015

Prevent Concealed Carry on Campus:

The Associated Students of Madison (ASM) is the democratically elected body of student government on our campus. They represent the student’s interests above all else.

In response to recent discussions, there is evidence to suggest that “Concealed Carry Legislation” is proposed for passage by the capital in January.

Concealed Carry Legislation would allow concealed carry of weapons on UW-Madison campus. ASM interprets this as a threat to student safety. The voice of the students has spoken.

WUU E-Board would like to invite you to join the opposition to this legislation. Here is a link to a petition you may sign: Support our students, oppose concealed carry on campus!