January 2018: Executive Board Minutes

I: Meeting with AAUP – we plan to suggest a meeting at the Memorial Union; Thursdays 5 pm or later would be ideal.

II: A reminder that Lydia will be in Madrid as of the 27th of January

III: Question of the future of the organization/Possibility to transform the organization.

  1. Work to enlarge the individual case load; person to person contacts. This builds awareness and traction for the organization. How do we approach people?
  2. Take the current board and provide financial assistance for those who want or need it. Who needs it and how is it provided? In this case, we need to ensure that WUU is following procedures as properly outlined under the 501c status granted by the IRS.
  3. There is a tension in the difficulty to motivate vs the rationality that it might not be in the best interest of faculty and staff to organize on every single issue. The question becomes: which issues to target and why?
  4. Recall the successful case of the Land Tenure Center and the work of Jim Donnelly when we consider moving forward on cases. This case was successful, the push for shared governance was successful, and WUU was able to stall the removal of the center. Hence, when the UW system is facing reorganization; WUU ought to, at the very least, push for an increased in shared governance, with the goal in mind that it may well produce a different result than if shared governance was not considered. Of course, the result may be the same, but, decisions could then, at the very least, have been properly discussed.

IV: Retreat Discussion.

Considering the future of the organization should be a two-part process. The first part should be an open discussion of the possibilities that are under consideration. The second part should be a discussion and outline the procedures and process for enacting the plan. Throughout these considerations, we will have to keep in mind whether the bylaws need amending.

We currently plan to engage in the first part of the discussion on Saturday the 13th of January, blocking out the hours of 1 to 5 pm in the afternoon. We will get a room in the Memorial Union or Union South; which re-open on the 7th of January.

V: Cases discussion.





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