The Wisconsin University Union (WUU) is an independent association of faculty and academic staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Our Core Values

  1. WUU protects the right of all workers to fair treatment at the workplace. WUU protects due process and advocates with members of the UW-Madison community who vigorously pursue due process for themselves.
  1. WUU protects workers’ power to determine the rules and conditions of their workplace. Faculty and staff must have a clear, substantial, and secure role in shared governance and access to representation from unions and organizations.
  1. WUU advocates for in an informed and engaged faculty and staff. WUU works to educate members of the University community on current issues and promotes free exchange of opinion and information-sharing.
  1. WUU protects academic freedom and freedom of expression at the University. Tenure and job protections are necessary for educators and researchers to carry out the work they do, work that benefits the people of the state of Wisconsin.
  1. WUU protects equal access to education. Access to higher education must be unrestricted by class, age, sex, gender or gender identity, race, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual preference, or disability.

For those concerned when such values become jeopardized, WUU is a voice. For those wanting to do something practical to protect these values, WUU is a tool. We ask that you join us.

To become a member, check the Join WUU page.

Read the WUU Organization Constitution or download the WUU Organization Constitution here: WUU Constitution