Spring 2024 update

Promoting a Healthy Workplace Over the past year, WUU has continued to support the campus community in protecting itself against COVID and other infectious diseases, including through an effort to build Corsi-Rosenthal boxes (do-it-yourself air filtration using a box fan, high-quality furnace filters, and duct tape), as well as a lending library of inexpensive CO2 monitors.

Advocating for  Extension & Two-year Campuses We remain concerned about the future of the Division of Extension (where the number of faculty has been reduced from over 100 to under 50, through retirements and pressure to convert to academic staff positions), as well as of the two-year campuses in UW System. Five of the 13 two-year campuses have announced their closure since merging with four-year campuses in 2019. This has resulted in numerous faculty and staff layoffs, and there have been further layoffs and furloughs at other campuses.

Supporting Faculty & Staff We continue to look for ways to support campus workers and to promote academic freedom and equal access to education. In addition to supporting faculty and academic staff grievance processes, including  legal fees, we seek applications for the Beck-Elder Awards to support research and outreach projects, with a budget of up to $5000. See https://www.wuu.info/beck-elder-awards/.

Don’t Forget to Vote in the April 2 Election! In addition to the presidential primary and numerous local offices, there are two ballot measures to amend the Wisconsin Constitution. The League of Women Voters encourages voting NO on both ballot measures. See your ballot and find your polling place at https://myvote.wi.gov. If you have not already received (and returned!) an absentee ballot, consider voting at one of the in-person early voting sites.

Upcoming WUU Board Elections  We will be sending out a ballot soon for WUU board members. Please vote by May 1.

Member Meeting We are planning an online member meeting for the week of May 6, as well as an informal in-person gathering at the Memorial Union Terrace on Monday May 6, 5-6:30pm. We hope to see you at one or both!