Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFWA), Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and the Worker-driven Social Responsibility Network (WSRN) launched WageForward.org It sets out an enforceable, binding agreement between global brands and unions to pay living wages to garment workers. The groups represent a broad coalition of unions, advocacy groups and NGOs. The proposal requires payment of a living wage contribution on every order signatory brands place with any supplier. This contribution directly goes to workers. The contribution is based on the gap between statutory minimum wages and estimated living wages. The proposed agreement also includes strong protections for workers’ right to organize and the guaranteed access to a 24-hour complaint mechanism to report violations to the agreement. Learn more at WageForward.org, and see the current list of academic endorsers here (please add your name if you have an academic appointment by emailing Sarah Newell of the WSRN, sarah@wsr-network.org).